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3rd-Apr-2010 02:01 am - 0027. xectrvyubin
 Wow. I haven't really done a post in forever! I've been meaning to - and wanting to, but haven't gotten around to it. But, since it's 1:41 am HST and I'm on Spring Break, might as well, eh?

So recently, I went shopping with my mother (major sale at Macy's. Good time to get new bras, haha) and just happened to find a great dress for my grade's banquet later this month. It's blue and black, so it matches our theme "Submersion" pretty well. It's just a size bigger than I thought it would be and two sizes bigger than I want it to be. Sigh. But I think it looks good on me~ *Not being vain* SO while I was taking pictures of the dress, of course I had to camera whore a little, haha.

Camera whoreageCollapse )

So besides that, I am loving Sakura Girl~ The acapella too. I seriously didn't realize how sad of a song it was until I saw the PV. I mean I heard the "kimi deshita" and "koi deshita" implying that it was past tense, but it sounds so happy!!! But no matter, it's a great song. And what's this about getting another single?! Score! Plus Tegomass' mini-album?! Johnny must be realizing that NEWS needs to step up production if he's ever going to get a 10th anniversary boom from them too. My friends and I can't wait to go karaoke to sing Sakura Girl. We're planning on going next weekend (well, we were supposed to go today, but something came up...).

I think there was more that I wanted to say, but - OHHHHH. I remember. So my grandparents are planning on moving to a retirement home so we needed to clean out their house and my grandma, being the hoarder she is, didn't want to give or throw anything away. So she gave a bunch of stuff to me including an antique desk. I love it!!! It's one of those where you can roll out a cover over it. It looks as if there should be a feather pen somewhere on it, haha. So I got to move it in last week and I think it matches my eclectic room perfectly. My dad calls my room asian fusion, but I just think it's a collection of random stuff I like. Maybe this is what the inside of my brain looks like... So anyways, I pretty much redid the layout of my room to accommodate for the desk and really like how it turned out. It's still a work in progress, but it's better than it was before.

Okay, I think that's all for now :)
Massu is MY king
21st-Mar-2010 10:20 pm - Writer's Block: Countdown
If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

Wow, haha. We just did this kind of thing in our history class...except we weren't just fleeing our homes, we were becoming refugees. But it seems like it's the same concept. I'd bring a water purifier, a knife, a gun, and a large piece of cloth...like a tunic. 

The water purifier, knife, and gun are pretty self explanatory. The tunic, though, made some people go "whuuut?" But think about it. You have this GIANT piece of cloth you can use as a blanket, tent, clothing, bandages, etc. Pretty multi-purpose.
Massu is MY king
23rd-Jan-2010 10:14 pm - 0026. 久しぶりですね〜
Hey, it's been a while~
I have nothing really interesting to talk about, so I guess I'll talk about my day.

So, today I went to the mall with the boy (xD). There's not too much to do really, but it was fun anyways. We ate a lot of chocolate, went into Sephora, browsed Victoria's Secret, and played would you rather in Barnes and Noble.

There's not much to say, but we ended up playing one of those crane-grabbing-toy things...not quite sure what they're called, but anyways, he tried to get a turtle and failed and then I tried but ended up knocking the it into the chute instead of picking it up and dropping it! Haha, the first time I've ever gotten something from one of those things and it was by pure luck.

The Turtle :)
Massu is MY king
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